21 fantastic reasons why rabbits are the cutest pets in the world

Anyone who finds rabbits boring pets: you’re wrong, darlings! Okay, cats and dogs are great too, but rabbits are just the most awesome pets out there. And for these 21 fantastic good reasons:

1. Bunnies are simply supreme cutie pies IN THE WORLD


I mean: look at them!

2. And so soft that they are <3


Waaah! They’re so fluffy I’m going to die!

3. They are also super sweet animals


They are very happy to give you “rabbit kisses”.

4. Cuddling is one of their favorite activities


Sooo delicious!

5. Yep, you spontaneously become happy when you see them hopping around


Really, all your worries will be over in no time.

6. On bunnies You just CANNOT get angry


They really are the most innocent animals on earth.

7. Rabbits are also good entertainers…


Now say that rabbits are boring pets!

8.… but they are just as happy to be pampered by their owner


Yup, they love to get head massages. #tip

9. In addition, they are not only nice to their owner, but also to each other


Cuteness overload!

10. Oh, and they are very similar to your other pets too

Joy reactor

How great is that? #win win

11. Also handy: you can walk them with your dog

Youtube / Kristina Hunter

Yesrabbits can also walk on a leash. Cute cute cuuuute!

12. Bunnies are also very clean animals


They wash themselves all day long in the most comical way ever.

13. And you can even train their toilet training

Youtube / Howcast

Yep, there are also rabbit boxes like there are litter boxes. N-to-the-ice.

14. Sometimes rabbits can be like this cute being clumsy …


Hihihiii :-D.

15.… but make no mistake: they are also very smart animals

The Dodo

Uhu, they can even help you open your mail.

16. In addition, rabbits really have the best sleeping positions…


Some are even EVEN crazier than certain cat sleeping positions.

17.… and they yawn so cute too


Moh, seg! So cute!

18. And how fantastic are their “I roll here effe down moves?


Hupsakee, put a smile on your face again :-D.

19. And you have their great jump skills have you ever seen?


To. Count.

20. Oh yeah baby rabbits have their own ISLAND (!)


That must be heaven! You can be sure that it is our dream destination. * sigh *

21. Last but not least: rabbits have the cutest sniffy nose around


So adorable!

Really, who can’t love rabbits now? Everyone should have at least one at home. If only to start every day with a big smile :-D. Lots of hearts for the bunnies!

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