23 English words that Germans often use incorrectly

English is easy to learn and difficult to master.
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“I become a Schnitzel!” – your English teachers have certainly presented this sentence to you in this or a similar form. It is a classic “false friend”, a false friend.

These false friends, i.e. the English terms that sound kind of German, but which we use completely incorrectly – because they either don’t exist in English or because they are used there in other contexts – represent a faux pas in which we Germans kick all too often.

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We want to help you to refresh your knowledge and at the same time we want to provide you with a few new “wrong friends”. If you take care of these English vocabulary, nothing stands in the way of your next vacation.

23 English words that Germans often use incorrectly

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There are “false friends” not only in everyday life, but also in the office. There are also some pitfalls and rules in business English that you should be aware of. Do you know your way around well enough? Then test your knowledge in our business English quiz:

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