3 free games available on Steam and Epic

There are three games to try or keep again this weekend on Steam and the Epic Game Store.

The weekend is just around the corner and with it maybe some time for the gaming PC. If you want to try out a few games at no extra cost, Steam and the Epic Games Store are a good opportunity. The Epic Games Store is starting with a gift: You can download the horror game “Amnesia: Rebirth” for free until April 28 and keep it forever. The third part of the series sends the player on an archaeological mission to the Algerian desert of 1937. In addition to puzzles, the focus is on sneak passages and bare survival. For example, lamp oil has to be refilled again and again in order not to get lost in the dark.

Schnitzel co-op game

The hack & slay game “ Riverbond ” is also waiting as a gift in the Epic Games Store. If you add the title to your library before April 29th, you can keep the game permanently. The Schnetzelspiel is presented in a plan view and is graphically reminiscent of “Minecraft”. Optionally, you can also fight with another player. Thanks to the split-screen mode, the co-op session can even start together on the sofa.

MMO for free

Steam, on the other hand, has a genuine online role-playing game waiting to be tried out: anyone who has missed The Elder Scrolls Online can now take a non-binding look at the MMO until April 26th. The online offshoot of the popular series offers countless quests and is a lot of fun, especially together with friends. Practical: Due to a high discount of 70 percent, only 5.99 euros are due for the full version if you like it.

Download Amnesia: Rebirth for free on the Epic Games Store

Download Riverbond for free on the Epic Games Store

Play The Elder Scrolls Online on Steam without obligation

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