3 free videos from Microsoft: How to use Windows 11

Three crisp, short Microsoft videos present the operation of Windows 11. For changers and beginners. Free.

Microsoft has released three short videos explaining Windows 11. The videos, which run under the motto “Get to know Windows 11”, are aimed at users who are new to Windows 11 and need an initial introduction. And to users who are thinking about switching to Windows 11 and want a brief overview of the Windows operating system.

But there is a small fly in the ointment: although the pages with the videos are written in German, the videos themselves are in English. But the videos are easy to understand.

These are the three introductory videos for Windows 11:

Meet Windows 11: The Basics

Length: almost 2:30 minutes. The first steps and, for example, the search function of Windows 11 are presented there. As well as the organization of the desktop and of course the Microsoft account, which is so important for Microsoft. Read here how to bypass the Microsoft account requirement in Windows 11: Windows 11 – Free tool bypasses Microsoft account requirement.

Meet Windows 11: Personalize your experience

Length: around 2:50 minutes. For example, in this video snack, Microsoft introduces the “Edge Collections” and their purpose. Voice input is also discussed. Other topics are the use of the digital pen or the widgets.

Get to know Windows 11: apps and tools

Length: almost 2:20 minutes. This video is all about apps. For example, the photo app and the use of the Microsoft Store in general. The connection of an Android smartphone via the Smartphone Link app is also discussed in this video.

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