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3 popular science docu-series on Netflix that teach you everything

In collaboration with the editors of Manners Magazine shares Subway documentary tips every weekend. This week: three delicious documentary series on Netflix in the category “popular science“.

You have to take your time for most documentary series. For example, the episodes last Wild Wild Country and Don’t F ** ck With Cats more than an hour. In addition, they only cover one topic. Fine, but sometimes you also feel like faster entertainment.

Entertaining popular science documentary series on Netflix

Popular science stands for popular science, which means that complex topics are explained in an understandable way. The episodes in the documentary series below are all about different subjects and can be watched separately.

1. Connected: The Hidden Science of Everything

The newest gem in this list of documentary series is Connected: The Hidden Science of Everything. Science journalist Latif Nasser explores the surprising and complex ways in which we are connected to each other, the whole world and the universe. In one episode you discover the secrets of poo, while another shows you that dust is more than dust. Also interesting: the episode about numerical probability distribution. Sounds complicated, but it gets you in no time clearly. The episodes last about 45 minutes.

2. Explained

Explained is popular science at its best. In this documentary series from Vox and Netflix, completely random topics are explained in detail in twenty minutes. Animated infographics clarify the topics and experts from all angles have their say. From weed to cryptocurrency, from K-pop to alien life, the most unexpected things come along. The series has two seasons, but some already exist spin-offs: The Mind Explained, Sex Explained and Coronavirus Explained.

3. History 101

History 101 is kind Explained, but more focused on history. Topics such as fast food, robots, space race and the rise of China are explained in a popular scientific way. The episodes of this Netflix Original last 20 minutes.

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3 popular science docu-series on Netflix that teach you everything


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