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3 reasons why you should plant the winter violin in your garden now

The winter violin is one of the few plants that you should plant right now. So crawl back into your garden.

Planting time

Winter violets are – as the name says – suitable for the winter. It is best to plant violets from mid-September to the end of October to ensure that you enjoy the violets all winter long. The plants do well in a sturdy terracotta pot.

Love the cold

If the rest of your yard or patio is gearing up for hibernation and withering, pansies will continue to thrive. The winter violets love the cold. Therefore, do not put them in full sun.

Color in your garden

These cheerful whistlers give your garden a lot of color. When you plant the plants close together you get a lot of volume. When it starts to freeze, the plants stop blooming, but are you planting them now? Then they bloom extra hard in the spring.

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