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3 stylish ways to put a pumpkin in your home

1. Make a fall table

A seasonal table looks cozy in your interior and pumpkins are ideal for an autumn table. They provide the ultimate autumn feeling and bring the right colors. It is nice to combine pumpkins with chestnuts, moss and pine cones from the forest.

But you can also cover your pumpkins with moss and succulents. Tom tells you how to make this yourself.

You need this:

  • flat pumpkin (or one that is a bit more hollow)
  • moss
  • succulents
  • glue gun
  • spray adhesive

That’s how you make it yourself

Choose a pumpkin of your choice, cut the stem and spray glue on the top of the pumpkin. Be careful not to spray too much glue, as this can drip off the pumpkin and it is not nice to see.

So spray just enough glue and stick the moss. Use some drier moss and alternate with different colors and types.

TIP: You can buy moss at the garden center.

Now that the moss is on it, we are going to add succulents. Remove the succulent from its pot and wipe the soil off as much as possible. Apply glue at the top of the roots. Make sure you don’t spray all the roots under the glue, because then no more moisture can get in and the plant will die.

Vary with plants and colors. Ready? This way you can keep the pumpkin for several months. Moss remains moist for a long time and only needs a little water now and then. This is best done with a plant sprayer.

Pay attention: If you want to make this for outside, you will need succulents that are suitable for outdoor use.

Decorate your pumpkins

When you think of a pumpkin, you quickly think of the classic orange pumpkin. But there are many more types of pumpkins. So you have white, crooked and green. For example, decorate a white pumpkin with a color that is reflected in your interior.

Make pumpkin candles

Pumpkins are ideal for a creative afternoon. Choose a small pumpkin and hollow out a spot at the top for a tea light. This way you get atmospheric pumpkin candles that are not only beautiful around Halloween, but also during the rest of the winter months. Do you want to do some crafts?

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