3 tips to improve your money mindset and relationship with money

In our society, a negative relationship with money is the norm. Most people find money matters complicated and boring and especially see a scarcity when it comes to money. They find it difficult to save or even make ends meet. We barely talk to family and friends about how much money really comes in and out. These negative “money mindset“Ultimately prevents you from saving and earning more.

By creating a better relationship with money, you make money a lot less complicated and maybe even fun. This makes it easier for yourself to grow the amount in your account.

Relationship with money arises through education

You “money mindset“Is the way you look at money and how you deal with finances on that basis. In addition to the examples in the intro, one other belief often applies when it comes to money: if you have a lot of it, you are a snob or a criminal.

Just think about it: How are rich people portrayed in movies and series? What do you think when you see rich people on television in a reality program? Or when an expensive car passes by on the highway? This belief ensures that we (unconsciously) hinder ourselves in earning more money.

Our relationship with money is incredibly personal and comes from our upbringing. Regardless of how you grew up, beliefs about money are deeply rooted in who you are as a person. As a child, you often based these on the beliefs of your parents and other family members. Even at a later age, our image of money is almost never challenged. We tend to deal with people with similar beliefs and financial statuses. We are therefore almost never exposed to other perspectives.

Money mindset improve

Do you often have money worries or do you feel that money is only “complicated”? Follow these steps to improve your relationship with money.

How do you unconsciously think about money?

If your relationship with money is not good, you suffer from limiting beliefs. These are false assumptions about life that ultimately limit you. Common examples include, “I’ll never have enough money,” “I could never afford that,” and Rich people are stingy. “

Grab a notebook and write down your beliefs. Are these correct? Is it your belief or have you taken it over from people around you?

Create new beliefs

If you believe that you are worthy of earning more and believe that good people can earn a lot, then you are more likely to take steps to actually do that. You are more likely to have the confidence to successfully negotiate your salary or to look for a side hustle, for example. But how do you create these new beliefs?

Awareness of your prejudices about money is already a hugely important step. In this way you can catch yourself in the future with such an assumption and you will sooner wonder whether it is actually correct. Today, many articles, podcasts and other content can be found on the internet in the field of money mindset for support. But working on your relationship with money can also be very simple. For example, would you rather not look at your bank account? Then a first step can already be to gain a good insight into your finances.

Stop complaining about money

On Intermediary shares money mindsetexpert Charlotte van ‘t Wout the tip to never complain about money again. So be grateful that you have the money to buy good food and have a roof over your head, instead of complaining about how expensive your groceries and rent are. A small adjustment that already makes a big difference.

Just as you can’t break bad habits in no time, you won’t be able to improve your relationship with money in one day. But you will see: the longer you are with you money mindset you are busy, the more often you will be able to convert your negative beliefs into positive ones.

Tessa Ham is an editor at and writes for Metro about career and money.

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3 tips to improve your relationship with money


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