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3 tips to make pastel shades come back beautifully in your interior

1. Combine colors

Do you want a cool interior with pastel shades? Which can! Pastel colors can be beautifully combined with counterparts such as rust red or anthracite, so you can give the colors a little counteracting. Would you prefer to keep it a bit quieter? Then choose a pastel shade such as light blue or gray, in combination with white this creates a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere in your interior.

2. Materials

Pastel colors go very well with many materials. To give your interior a bit more body, you can combine the colors with robust furniture. Think of leather, wood, steel or, for example, brick.

You can also perfectly combine concrete with pastel, with a gray concrete floor you create a nice cohesion between tough and lovely!

3. Eye-catcher

You can also choose to do just one or a few items in pastel shades. This way you can really make the colors pop! For example, it looks very cool when you put a beautiful mint green sofa in a dark interior, it stands out extra and also breaks the dark color in the interior!


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