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3 ways to remove the musty smell from your winter clothes

1. Vinegar

If you are going to wash winter clothes, you can add a cup of vinegar in the washing machine. Vinegar neutralizes odors, and that musty smell usually disappears immediately. Then you can wash the clothes again, this time with regular detergent, to make your clothes smell nice and fresh again.

2. Vodka

It may sound a bit crazy, but vodka is also a very good remedy for a musty smell. You just need to mix it with water. The correct ratio for this is one part water and two parts vodka. Mix briefly and pour into a plant sprayer or atomizer. When you spray this on your clothes, you will notice that the musty smell disappears! You can do this with many different materials, except for satin, leather and silk.

3. Air out

What also always works well against mustiness is to let your clothes air out properly. For example, you could hang your clothes outside or in the bathroom while taking a shower. While showering, warm, moist air gets onto your clothes, which can make bad odors disappear.

And this is how you prevent it!

Ideally, you just want to prevent it in the future! That is why we have a very good tip for you: scoop some soda into a linen cloth, tie it and tuck or hang it near the clothes you store in the winter. This way you will no longer suffer from musty clothes!

Photo credits: header photo: Kelly Sikkema – Unsplash


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