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3 x you need to know about cleaning your kitchen knives | Culinary

1. By hand

Rule number one: always wash your kitchen knives by hand. And yes, that may take some effort, but you will get years of cooking pleasure in return.

You should certainly not put professional kitchen knives in the dishwasher, because the combination of abrasive detergent, heat and the proximity of the other items in the dishwasher can cause your knife to become dull more quickly.

Wooden handles will also crack over time. In addition, sharp knives can damage the plastic in the dishwasher, which can cause the inside of your dishwasher to rust.

2. Safe

For your own safety it is important not to work too fast. Take the time to clean your knives and make sure that the tip of the knife always points in the other direction (and not towards you).

You could also lay the knife flat, for example on a cutting board. That way you can easily clean the knives with a sponge or cloth. As long as you do this, the chance is very small that you will cut yourself in the fingers.

3. Stains

Stubborn stains on your kitchen knife? Do not scrub with all your might, but put the knife in soapy water and soap so that you can remove the stain (s) more easily.

Hard scrubbing increases the risk of accidents. We don’t want to!


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