30 per hour in Brussels, return old mattress for free and higher wages for teachers: this will change on 1 January

Good news for all teachers: they see them salary increase by 1.1 percent, compared to August 2018.

About 470,000 employees members of the 200 joint committee – the largest group of white-collar workers in our country – go through indexation wages by 0.95 percent see it rise. Indexation is not a mark-up, but an adjustment of wages to the life span. The wage indexation is higher than in January last year, when white collar workers had to be content with an increase of 0.8 percent. In 2019 (2.16 percent) and 2018 (1.83 percent), indexations were considerably higher.

The minimum unemployment benefits be from January 1 increased by 1.125 percent. The increase comes on top of the budget in the wealth envelope and the automatic index of benefits. In concrete terms, the measure means that for a cohabiting person with dependents, the minimum benefit will be increased monthly by 15.1 euros, to reach 1,357.22 euros per month. For people who live alone, this is a monthly increase of 12.37 euros to 1,111.9 euros per month.

The minimum pensions for nearly 815,000 citizens from 1 January gradually upwards. The increase of the minimum pension will take place in four phases, each on the first of January of 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024. By 2024, the minimum pension and the income guarantee for the elderly (IGO) must increase by 22 percent. The increase of the minimum pension to 1,500 euros net for a full career, as provided for in the federal coalition agreement, applies to employees, the self-employed and statutory civil servants.

View: federal minister Frank Vandenbroucke (SP.A) explained in early October in “To the matter” what the new government has decided on the minimum pensions (read more under video).


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