’30 percent more deals on Black Friday itself ‘

That reports price comparison site Kieskeurig. Many of the offers today are sharper on Black Friday than on the previous days. “Since up to 30 percent more offers were online early this morning, we expect that the number of offers will only increase during the day.”

Many visitors seemed to wait with a purchase until Black Friday itself, says Kieskeurig. “That waiting pays off: there are many more offers. What we also see is that retailers are competing with each other, which only causes prices to drop further,” said Wendy Kuiper, Consumer Strategy Manager Reshift.

AirPods and coffee machines

One of the most popular products is Apple’s AirPods, says Kuiper. “These are currently being offered for the lowest price ever. Also with headphones we see that retailers are taking it a step further today.”

Products such as espresso machines, sound bars and wireless speakers are also much more popular on Black Friday this year than last year, according to Kuiper. “After all, we drink coffee at home instead of at work and we watch more television and listen to more music.”


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