300 kW of power for Rivian Superchargers

Rivian R1T electric pickup

Rivian unveils information about its Rivian Adventure Network fast charging network.

Considered one of Tesla’s strengths, the Supercharger network is emulating. Particularly from Rivian, which has also imagined a fast charging network dedicated to its electric off-roaders.

Called the Rivian Adventure Network, this network will be found for the most part in the middle of the national parks of the United States, in order to allow the drivers of Rivian vehicles to venture as far as possible from civilization. The first station is slated to open in Salida, Colorado, a city known for its year-round activities.

Power twice the vehicle capacity

While waiting for the inauguration of the station, the first information has emerged on the Internet, and more precisely on the Rivian Forum. Enough to anticipate a maximum DC charging power of 300 kW, or 100 kW more than the first estimates. There will also be 11.5 kW AC terminals, which will be offered to customers or through a charging network at destination.

Note, however, that the R1T and R1S cannot target more than 160 kW of power at the present time, regardless of the battery configuration. The SUV or the pickup are supplied automatically with a 135 kWh battery (483 km of range) while the Max Pack provides for the installation of a 185 kWh unit (644 km of range).


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