3600 euros FOR IT? This ALDI PC is too expensive!

06/01/2022 – News:

For a while, the graphics card crisis meant that complete gaming PCs were often cheaper than building them yourself. But those times seem to be over if you look at the current gaming PC offers from ALDI / Medion. None of them are cheaper than building your own. For the Erazer X10 MD34775 and MD34895 models, the surcharges for assembly, Windows 11 license and 3-year warranty are about the same as before. With the high-end PC X20 MD34765, however, the discounter really gets it and is more than 800 euros higher than the price of the individual components plus Windows.

► Aldi PC X10 MD34775 with RTX 3060:
► Post-configuration:

► Aldi PC X10 MD34895 with RTX 3070:
► Post-configuration:

► Aldi PC X20 MD34765 with RTX 3080 Ti:
► Post-configuration:
► Post-configuration with DDR4:

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