4 euros saved: Manual camera app free of charge

For more freedom, there are alternative camera apps in the Google Play Store. A well-rated candidate is free for a short time.

The last day of an interesting offer has dawned. The manual camera “DSLR Camera Professional” is currently available free of charge from the Google Play Store. Normally the Android app costs us a little over 4 euros, the app is only available in the attractive zero offer until midnight on Saturday.

As the name of the app already suggests, this camera app offers you a wide range of options for manually operating the camera of your own smartphone. With some Android manufacturers in particular, the original camera apps often offer too few manual options and you have to leave the results to the automatic.

More extensive than camera apps from some manufacturers

However, it may well be that not all of the following functions are available on every Android device:

✓ Check the exposure
✓ Control the white balance
✓ Manual ISO
✓ Manual focus
✓ Set the shutter speed
✓ Save RAW photo
✓ Real time filter / color effect
✓ 4K camera recording (on supported devices)
✓ Time lapse / time lapse video
✓ Slow motion video
✓ Set the video frame rate and bit rate
✓ Intervalometer / interval recording
✓ Geotagging
✓ Photo stamping
+ over 20 features of the professional version of the app.

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