4 ingenious free FTP tools: FTP clients & servers

We present powerful FTP clients and a proven FTP server. All programs are available free of charge and have been tried and tested many times.

FileZilla Client: Free and powerful

FileZilla Client is one of the best known and most trusted FTP programs. You can use it to establish and use multiple connections to FTP servers at the same time. All server connections can be saved and configured in FileZilla Client.

FileZilla Client offers the two-pane view known from various file managers: on the left the content of your PC, on the right the content of the FTP server. You can easily copy files between the directories using drag & drop. The status line of FileZilla Client informs you whether the file transfer went smoothly.

FileZilla Client

also supports SSL-secured connections and SFTP. FileZilla Client is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux. If you use FileZilla Client under Linux, it is best to use the package manager of your Linux distribution to install the FTP program. However, it can happen that the latest version of FileZilla Client is not always offered via package management.

Reading tip

: We will introduce you to an older version of Filezilla in detail in this guide.

The download of Filezilla for Windows Vista, 7, 8 and Windows 10/11 is 6 MB in size.

Download FileZilla Client

FileZilla Portable: Proven classic without installation

What has been said about FileZilla Client also applies to the portable version of Filezilla. It does not have to be installed under Windows, but can be used directly. If necessary, you can also start FileZilla Portable from a USB stick and thus always have your personal FTP client with you.

FileZilla Portable for Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10/11 is 6 MB in size.

Download FileZilla Portable

FileZilla Server: Free FTP server for everyone

If you want to offer files for download via FTP yourself, Filezilla-Server is an interesting alternative. With Filezilla Server you can define users and groups with access rights. The freeware Filezilla Server is available for Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10/11, among others. Unlike Filezilla Client, however, there is FileZilla Server


for Windows. Under Linux you have a wide range of FTP servers in your package management anyway.

Note on the following download:

On our download page (link below) click on “Download directly” and in the window that opens, click on “Start download immediately”. Then wait five seconds for the counter to run through. It then takes a few seconds for the download link for the server to appear at the point where the video was previously.

Download FileZilla Server



FTP extension for Firefox

With the FireFTP plug-in, Firefox displays the folder structures of FTP sites and downloads the required data via FTP. The FTP extension can be called up in a tab or in a new window for full access to the FTP server.

Download: FireFTP

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