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4 reasons why you should prepare your vegetable garden in February / March

1. Choosing the right seeds

When you start the preparations nice and early, you have enough time to choose the right seeds for your vegetable garden. First of all, it is important to look at the expiration date of the seeds. Chicory seeds, for example, are only really productive for one year. It is therefore better not to buy too much of this because the seeds cannot be kept for years.

So always look carefully at the expiration date on the packaging. It is also good to know what kind of soil you have in the garden, you can adjust the seeds to this.

2. Create layout

Just like at home, it can also help in the vegetable garden to make a handy layout. Pay attention to the different types of crops and the size. Not all plants get along well, so it is good to see which combinations work best.

Good combination cultivation also ensures that plants become ill less quickly. Plants attract certain insects with substances and odors and this can be more harmful for one plant than another. So find out well in advance. By also taking the size of the crops into account, you can organize the vegetable garden as efficiently as possible and no space is wasted.

3. Tillage

The month of February is perfect for preparing the soil. Are you a little late? Don’t worry, you can still do this at the beginning of March. You can use this time to clear the beds of leaves and weeds. You can also have the acidity of the soil investigated and improve it if necessary. This way you are well prepared for the new vegetable garden season!

4. Pre-sowing

Vegetables that love the summer, such as tomatoes or cucumbers, do not tolerate the cold well. You can therefore pre-sow these so that, as soon as it is warm enough outside, they still have enough time to grow.

Tip: so grow the plants indoors and move them outside as soon as the weather permits. This way you give the crops enough time to ensure a good harvest.


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