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4 tips to prevent your stainless steel sink from getting dirty and dull

Earlier we gave you a number of useful tips to easily clean and shine your dirty and dull stainless steel sink. But… no matter how corny it sounds, it is true: prevention is better than cure! So is your sink completely clean after following our tips? Keep it clean and prevent it from getting so dirty again! How? By doing or not doing the following:

1. Daily mini cleaning round

If you really want to keep your stainless steel sink nice and clean, it is advisable to clean your sink every day. This does not have to be a good scrubbing, but it is often sufficient to remove the food residues every day with soapy water and to polish the stainless steel surface.

2. Do not put dirty dishes in the sink

It is so tempting to simply put the dirty dishes in the sink (so that they are less noticeable) until they are cleaned. Still, you better not do this. All food and drink residues cause stains and dull spots that can eventually penetrate into the stainless steel. An ugly face and a lot of cleaning! That’s why you’d better wash it off right away or put it in the dishwasher right away.

3. Dishcloth not in the sink

Just like your dishes, it is also not wise to leave your dirty dishcloth in the sink. This is because it is full of bacteria, moisture and food residues. This ultimately has the same effect as the dirty dishes in your sink. So don’t do it anymore.


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