450,000 pupils graduate from high school

However, an exact number of examination candidates cannot be calculated from this. The orders were received months ago – at the same time, however, it was only in the current week that a final decision was made as to who was going to Matura may compete.

“Approved to graduation”

For your orientation: In the previous year, AHS and BHS were according to a recently published survey of statistics Austria 37,500 students for Matura admitted, 2,600 not eligible to start due to negative assessments in the annual certificate. It is not clear to what extent these figures can be reassigned this year due to the corona pandemic. It is quite possible that when in doubt, students tend to be more likely to Matura be admitted – conversely, it is also conceivable that many will voluntarily refrain from starting and switch to a side appointment in autumn.

A total of around 40,500 test sheets in German were ordered from AHS and BHS. This is the only subject in which (with the exception of the HTL) all students have to compete. In mathematics, there were around 38,500, in English 27,000.

Professional qualification: 4,000 German exams

In the Professional maturity test the number of starts is even more unpredictable: almost 4,000 exams have been ordered for German and around 4,600 for math. However, many candidates only compete in one examination area and postpone others to the next appointment.

All in all, a total of 207,000 examination books with 4.2 million pages were ordered for all subjects with a central school leaving certificate (German, math, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Latin and the minority languages ​​Hungarian, Slovenian and Croatian).


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