48 inch OLED televisions should be much cheaper in 2021

LG CX 48 inches
LG CX: The 48-inch OLED TV is particularly popular with gamers!

With the commissioning of a new OLED production line in Paju (South Korea), the prices for 48 inch OLED televisions could drop significantly in 2021! We explain why!

In the search for a 48 inch OLED TV, did you also wonder that the smaller models often cost more than the larger 55 inch versions? This fact is due to the small number of 48 inch panels that LG Display produced in its OLED factory in Guangzhou (China) in 2020. In the new production facility, the 48-inch versions have so far been exclusively cut from an 8.5-gen mother glass, together with two 77-inch panels. The production volume was therefore dependent on the demand for 77-inch OLEDs, which, due to their high price, sell far worse than the 55 or 65-inch versions.

Over 1 million 48 inch OLEDs in 2021

Now a new production line is to go into operation in Paju (South Korea), which will concentrate solely on the production of the 48-inch variant. Eight small OLED panels can be cut from a mother glass (2,200mm x 2,500mm). The production volume, which was estimated at around 220,000 pieces in 2020, is expected to increase to 1 million this year. This means that demand can be served much better and there may also be enough contingent available for third-party manufacturers such as Sony or Philips for the first time.

Price should finally fall in 2021

The price of the 48 inch OLED televisions was regulated solely by the low availability and that was also the reason why the 48CX9 was 100-300 euros more expensive than the 55CX9 for a long time. Only in the last few weeks has there been a “price slide” with which the 48-inch version leveled off at the price level of the 55-inch model. By the way, while the 48-inch model was still very readily available in many online shops over the pre-Christmas period, the retailers’ stocks in the USA or South Korea were “torn out of their hands”. The reason for this is certainly also the increased demand for consumer electronics due to the corona pandemic and the release of the new game consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S.


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