48 year old letter of application from Steve Jobs is up for auction

Steve Jobs and the Apple computer LISA 1983.

Steve Jobs and the Apple computer LISA 1983.

Ted Thai / The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images

Every successful managing director and entrepreneur has started small. So did Apple founder Steve Jobs. A letter of application from the late visionary from 1973 has now changed hands and is being auctioned again. The sparsely completed application form was handwritten by Jobs at the age of 18 and is being auctioned by Charterfields auction house.

Steve Jobs' application form.

Steve Jobs’ application form.


The form does not show what the inventor of the iPhone has applied for here. Based on his information, however, it can be assumed that it was a job in the tech area. The Apple founder stated that he was very familiar with “computers and pocket calculators” and had special skills as a technician or development engineer.

Shortly after dropping out of his literary studies at Reed College in Portland, the future multi-billionaire did not have a phone – but a driver’s license. The problem: he still didn’t own a car. Does he have access to transportation? “Possible, but unlikely,” said Jobs at the time.

A year after Jobs filled out the application form, he started at the video game company Atari. There he worked with his future partner Steve Wozniak. The two founded Apple in 1976. The rest is history.

The application was already auctioned for $ 174,757 in 2018. It was previously valued at $ 50,000. The current auction will be held online and will start on February 24th. Interested parties then have one month to submit their bids for the coveted property.


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