4B Flexz!: Two new mobile tariffs in the Telekom network

Telekom is launching new mobile phone tariffs with 5 or 10 GB per month. With telephony and SMS flat rate and can be canceled monthly. You can book various extras. But there is a downside.

Together with 4BRO (known from Eistees), Deutsche Telekom is launching a new mobile phone brand with postpaid tariffs: 4B Flexz! . The target group of the new brand with the youthful, unpronounceable name is, as the naming of the tariffs is intended to express, rather younger telephone users. 4B Flexz! promises relatively cheap surfing in the Telekom network.

The two new tariffs.

Engin Ergün, founder of 4BRO, describes the approach to the target group with these marketing words: “With 4B Flexz! we are able to provide our BRO’S and SIS’ with another product that is perfectly adapted to them and to further increase communication within the community strengthen.” So let’s look at the details.

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The tariff details

4B Flexz! offers two tariffs to start with:

Both tariffs can be increased by up to 5 GB each by sharing the personalized “BRO4BRO Code” with friends and recruiting new customers. A 2 GB data pass or a day flat or a travel pass can also be booked. You can see the details in this graphic:

The details and add-on options.

Both tariffs include SMS and telephony flat rates for German networks and other EU countries. Both tariffs can be canceled on a monthly basis, and it is also possible to switch between the two tariffs on a monthly basis. There is no provision fee.

There is also a bonus point system. You can redeem these “BRO Points” for various vouchers or 4BRO products in the 4BRO app.

Only bookable via app

Both tariffs can only be purchased via the 4B Flexz! Book APP . This procedure corresponds to that of the Fraenk tariff.

In the Telekom network, but severely throttled

You can surf the well-developed telephone network with these tariffs. But now comes the big limitation: The surfing speed is limited to 25 Mbit/s downstream and a maximum of 10 Mbit/s is possible upstream. As soon as the monthly data volume is reached, you can only continue surfing downstream at 64 Kbit/s.

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