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4x in this way you create your own home bar

Bars at home

At a home bar you can – if you have the space – go big and go for a separate bar with all the trimmings. Nowadays there are even real home bars for sale. Since there are also plenty of drinkers living at the three-storey rear or simply do not have the number of square meters, we have tips on how you can still get that home bar despite the limited number of m2.

1: Use an empty (kitchen) wall

Check in your house and possibly garden where you can place a small new hangout. Who knows, you may have an empty wall in the living room or kitchen where you can easily hang a long robust shelf. One you can ‘hang out with in good company.’ Keep the area nice and light especially if space is limited.

2: Place a shelf for drinks

When you visualize a bar, you quickly think of the large number of drink bottles hanging above the bar. Chances are that this is just a bit too much for a home bar. Why not hang up a sturdy shelf or place an open cupboard and display a number of your favorite bottles and glasses? Nice as decoration.

What you can also do is fill a tray with various types of bottles and glasses or place it on a trolley. The accessories don’t have to stand out to create a bar atmosphere.

3: Light up the bar

One of the mood makers of a bar is the lighting. Hang a few striking lamps, including a dimmer, above the bar and you’re there.

4: Buy bar stools

What is a bar without bar stools. Today they come in all shapes and sizes. So you really don’t have to plop on an old-fashioned, dusty stool that you know from the local pub. Upholstered, wood or steel. From Scandinavian to boho-chic interior style. There is a match for every taste.


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