5 Emails You Can Send This Week To Advance Your Career

The following emails may take less than five minutes to type, but they can do one boost in your career according to career platform The Ladders. Whether that is because you invest in your existing network, find a potential mentor or get a clear picture of your own achievements.

Emails that help you further in your career

The following emails may also work as Slack or LinkedIn messages. The most important thing is that you actually send them. You will see that they not only help you further in your career, but also make you feel good. If so, you may want to have them return weekly.

1. An email to someone you look up to

You probably remember the name of someone who is already a few steps further in his or her career. Send an email to them this week. Here you can let us know what impact the other has made on you and you can even ask for advice or a cup of coffee.

We often think that the other person will not have time for us, but you have a no and you can get a yes. And even if the other doesn’t have time, he or she will be honored. You can never go wrong with such a message.

2. A thank you

Imagine how you would feel if there was a ‘thank you’ in your mailbox among all the requests and fires you need to put out. Chances are, that will make your day a good one right away. Then why not do this for someone else? This week, send an email to a close colleague thanking him or her.

That really does not have to be a long email. All you have to say to make an impact is’ Thank you for all your help with that last big project ‘or’ Thank you for always getting to you. I am happy that we work together ‘.

3. An e-mail to an old acquaintance

When we refer to the term networking, we often only think of adding new contacts to our network. But networking is just as much about putting time and effort into the contacts you already have. Only then will you build valuable relationships that think of you when an opportunity comes along.

So this week, send an email or LinkedIn message to an old acquaintance, be it a former classmate, former colleague or an interesting person you have met at a networking drink.

4. A message to someone you just met

Just remember to network within your existing network doesn’t mean you can’t take two minutes to send an email to someone you’ve just met. Whether that is someone within your company from another department, someone you met at an online event or someone interesting you just met on LinkedIn or even Instagram.

5. A Friday afternoon email to yourself

Send yourself an email every Friday afternoon with an overview of the week. Write in it what you have achieved, learned and what ideas you have come up with this week for future projects. Don’t forget to write down all your successes in this email, however small they were. A simple exercise by success coach Melody Wilding so that you always end the week positively and with a satisfied feeling.

That is not the only advantage of your weekly e-mail to yourself. When you save them in a folder, you can quickly access them if you need to prepare for an appraisal or salary negotiation. You will see that this way you can remember many more of your little successes and see your progress very clearly.

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5 Emails You Can Send This Week To Advance Your Career


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