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5 facts about the new PlayStation

The new PlayStation will be launched at the end of this year and since this week we know how fast the game console will be. The PS5 must compete with the Xbox Series X. Here’s what we know so far about the console.

Although not all specifications about the release of the PlayStation 5 have yet been released, a lot has already been released. Either way, it promises to be a big battle between Microsoft and Sony to win over the gamer and switch to a new model. The five most important facts about the PS5 at a glance.

1. The controller of the PlayStation 5

One of the first news that Sony dropped was the controller of the PS5. The DualSense is a mix between the current elements of the DualShock 4 controller and the new capabilities of the new PlayStation. It is striking that the “tray” has two different colors and seems somewhat larger than the previous one. Haptic feedback is the greatest innovation. This feature should ensure that you get more feedback from the game. For example, you can feel a difference when driving in the mud or sand. Adaptive triggers in the L2 and R2 buttons ensure that, for example, you feel exactly when you span an arc.

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2. The processor

The PS5 uses an x86-64-AMD Ryzen ™ “Zen 2” CPU with 8 cores and a variable frequency up to 3.5 GHz. However, Microsoft uses a processor up to 3.8 Ghz for its Xbox Series X. As a result, Sony seems to sacrifice some power over Microsoft, but it is still much better than the current generation.

3. Gameplay / graphics

In terms of graphics, the PlayStation 5 is significantly improving. With the new AMD Radeon ™ RDNA 2 graphics engine it is even possible to support 8K images. The difference compared to the last generation of games on the PlayStation 4 will probably not be very big, because in the beginning often the maximum is not taken out of the computer. Only in two to three years will you see a lot of difference in image quality compared to the previous generation. The graphics of the Xbox Series X will probably be just a little bit better. Your

4. The PS5’s hard disk (SSD)

One of the biggest changes from today’s game consoles is the hard drive. Both Xbox and the new Playstation will use a fast SSD, so that the loading times of games virtually disappear. Although PlayStation’s has slightly less memory than Xbox’s, the new PlayStation is unbelievably fast. Think of speeds in menus as you are used to on your smartphone.

Launch games

One of the most important things for a game console is of course which games can be played on it. In recent years, PlayStation has been able to distinguish itself from Xbox by playing the exclusive titles that are available on the console. With The Last of Us, Horizon Zero Dawn and Uncharted the Japanese company delivered quite a few blows.

Although Sony has not yet announced the names of the games, there are a number of rumors. One of the most mentioned is Horizon Zero Dawn 2. This will be the long-awaited sequel of the first part of the Amsterdam Guerrilla Games. The game is considered one of the best games in the current generations. Also Ratchet & Clank is mentioned as a launch game, but has not been confirmed either. The PS5 is backwards compatible, which means that all games of the PS4 can also be played on the new console from Sony.

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The PS5 is getting incredibly fast: 5 facts about the new PlayStation


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