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5 films and series that appeared on Netflix in week 47: Kevin Hart and more

Thomas Aalderink

Thomas Aalderink

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Nov 22, 2020 / 10:31 AM

Also in week 47, the necessary new films and series appeared on Netflix. As of this week you can watch Pharrell Williams looking for gospel singers, a heartbreaking short animation film and the new show by Kevin Hart.

Netflix added the necessary new titles last week and there is something for everyone. If you like music you can get started with Voices of Fire, for foodies is a new season of Flavorful Origins served and sports enthusiasts can go wild with We Are The Champions. Prefer to see a unique and heartbreaking short film? Look If Anything Happens I Love You. Don’t you feel like doing this and just want to laugh? No problem. Netflix also comes with a new show from Kevin Hart.

New on Netflix in week 47

1. Voices of Fire (season 1)

Genre: reality / music

This Netflix reality series is about the dream of Bishop Ezekiel Williams. Namely bringing together the most inspiring gospel choir ever. For this he has to look for the very best and everyone is welcome. Ezekiel gets help from his nephew, who is none other than Pharrell Williams. Together they put together a jury team and start their search. A quest full of beautiful music and inspiring stories.

2. If Anything Happens I Love You

Short movie
Genre: animation / drama

When you think of Netflix, you probably immediately think of films, series and documentaries. Yet the streaming service has even more to offer. Including the beautiful short film If Anything Happens I Love You. This animated short by Will McCormack & Michael Govier tells the story of two parents in mourning. Their child was killed in a shooting at school. By means of beautiful animations, the makers show how they learn to deal with this terrible event. Moving in all its simplicity.

3. We Are The Champions

Genre: documentary

From rolling cheese and eating hot peppers to dancing with dogs and jumping frogs. You can not think of it as crazy or competitions are held. In the Netflix documentary We Are The Champions you will be taken into these unique and often bizarre competitions. The mostly eccentric participants share their passion and show why they live for these special competitions.

4. Kevin Hart: Zero F ** ks Given

Genre: comedy

Netflix has gotten Kevin Hart back to do a new stand-up show. This time not from a theater, because covid, but from his own home. The only place where he says he is still at ease. And it shows. The comedian does not mince words and discusses everything he is currently dealing with. From living with corona to sex after 40.

5. Flavorful Origins

Genre: culinary

Flavorful Origins Netflix
Flavorful Origins. Photo: Netflix

Netflix has traveled to China again for a new season of Flavorful Origins to record. After Chaoshan and Yunnan, it is now Gansu’s kitchen. This is a province in northwestern China, bordering Mongolia. In addition to beautiful mountainous landscapes, you can also go here for special dishes and ingredients. From lily to linseed and from souherb to the intestines of a sheep. It all comes along in this beautifully filmed culinary documentary series.

Last week on Netflix

View the five new series and films on Netflix that we highlighted last week.

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5 films and series that appeared on Netflix in week 47: Kevin Hart and more



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