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5 films and series that appeared on Netflix in week 8: Pelé and more

Also in week 8 of 2021, a lot of new films and series have appeared on Netflix. For example, since this week you can watch an exciting history lesson about Japan, the new series Ginny & Georgia and a documentary about arguably the best footballer ever.

The last week of February is over, but Netflix has not made it easy. The necessary new films and series have been released. This is how the streaming service dives with Age of Samurai: Battle for Japan in the history of Japan and late Canine Intervention seeing that raising a dog is not easy. Furthermore, the heartwarming drama series appeared Ginny & Georgia and lovers of romcoms can watch Crazy About Her. Finally, there is with the documentary Pelé also thought of sports enthusiasts.

New on Netflix in week 8

1. Age of Samurai: Battle for Japan (season 1)

Genre: documentary

In the average history lesson, hardly any attention is paid to the history of Japan. Logical, because it is far away and not very relevant to us. Still that is a shame. There are few countries with such an interesting history. Proof of this is provided in Age of Samurai: Battle for Japan. A Netflix documentary about warring 16th-century feudal Japan full of lively re-enactments. This series not only tells the history of Japan, but really brings it to life.

2. Ginny & Georgia (season 1)

Genre: drama / comedy

We see in this new Netflix series that children do not always look like their parents. Ginny is an insecure teenager who tries to struggle through her adolescence. Her mother Georgia, on the other hand, is a flamboyant young woman who sees the world as her playground. Despite being completely different, they really need each other. Both have their own problems that they cannot solve on their own.

3. Crazy About Her

Genre: comedy / romance

During a wild night out, Adri meets the woman of his dreams. They just don’t exchange data and so the young Spaniard starts a search. He soon finds out why his dream woman acted so mysteriously, because she lives in a psychiatric clinic. However, Adri does not give up and ensures that he is also admitted, in order to reconnect with the woman who conquered his heart.

4. Canine Intervention

Genre: reality

Forget about Cesar Millan, because Jas Leverette is the new expert on tricky dogs. At his Cali K9 dog school, even the most problematic four-legged friends are transformed into good barkers. We can see how he manages to do that Canine Intervention. In this new Netflix reality series, Jas takes six problem dogs and their owners under his wing. Together they look for a way to restore peace and pleasure.

5. Pelé

Genre: documentary

Who is the best footballer ever? Ask that question in Brazil and the name Pelé is flying around your ears. When the South American country was on fire, he managed to bring joy and pleasure. Pelé controlled all aspects of the game and became world champion three times with Brazil. In difficult times, he provided a party in the streets and became a true legend. That story has now been beautifully captured by Netflix.

Last week on Netflix

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5 films and series that appeared on Netflix in week 8: Pelé and more


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