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5 films and series that appeared on Netflix in week 9: Anne + and more

Also in week 9 of 2021, a lot of new films and series have appeared on Netflix. For example, since this week you can watch the Dutch success series Anne +, a hard-hitting French action movie and a true crime documentary about Mormons.

The offer on Netflix has grown again in the past week. Thus became the Dutch series Anne + and the streaming service itself comes with the coming of age film Moxie. Viewers can go to for the promotion Sentinelle and for music lovers there is an impressive documentary about Biggie. More of the true crime stories? Then you can get started with a particularly explosive story about the Mormon church.

New on Netflix in week 9

1. Anne +

Genre: drama

Netflix has the Dutch series Anne + brought in. In this we follow the lesbian Anne in her twenties who leaves for Amsterdam. From her new home, she looks back on her turbulent love life and reflects on how these relationships shaped her. The first and second seasons are now on Netflix. If you are a fan of Anne +, then it is good to know that there is also a film coming. This will come to Netflix after the cinema release.

2. Moxie

Genre: comedy

16-year-old Vivian is completely fed up with the sexist and toxic status quo in her high school. Inspired by a confident friend and her mother’s rebellious past, Vivian decides to do something about it. She anonymously publishes a magazine, unleashing a feminist revolution. The Netflix movie Moxie is a typical coming of age comedy, but with a serious message.

3. Sentinelle

Genre: action

After a traumatizing war mission in Syria, thirty-three-year-old soldier Klara returns to Nice. There she hopes to rebuild her life together with her mother and sister. Unfortunately, hopes for peace are shattered when her sister is found on the beach after a night out. Raped, beaten up half dead. From that moment on, Klara has only one goal: to avenge her sister. It is not easy, because the perpetrator turns out to be the son of a highly placed Russian.

4. Biggie: I Got a Story to Tell

Genre: documentary

On March 9, 1997, Christopher Wallace, better known as The Notorious BIG and Biggie Smalls, was shot. The American rapper was only 24 years old at the time, but nevertheless already a huge name in the music world. His much too short life has now been summed up by Netflix in this documentary full of rare images and in-depth interviews. An ode to the man who made it from dealer to rap king.

5. Murder Among the Mormons

Genre: documentary

In 1985 the Mormon Church was in the news regularly. Not because of their views, but because of a series of bombings. Salt Lake City, home of the Mormon Church, has been ravaged by attacks. It soon became apparent that these had to do with a historical document. An old letter containing information that could spell the end of the Mormon Church. In this Netflix documentary we watch how the police tackle this mystery.

Last week on Netflix

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5 films and series that appeared on Netflix in week 9: Anne + and more


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