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5 great documentaries on Disney +

Alrik de Jong

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Sep 12, 2020 / 1:59 PM

In collaboration with the editors of Manners Magazine shares Subway documentary tips every weekend. This week: the best documentaries on Disney Plus.

If you want to give the Disney + streaming service a try, now’s a good time. The live-action remake of Mulan is now available to stream and season 2 of The Mandalorian coming. But, just like on Netflix, you will also find a number of excellent documentaries here.

Documentaries on Disney Plus

In addition to Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars, Disney also owns National Geographic. This channel has made beautiful documentaries over the years, including the Oscar-winning documentary Free Solo. But also apart from National Geographic you will find good documentaries on Disney Plus. This is our top 5.

1. Free Solo

If you don’t like climbing, don’t drop out immediately, the documentary Free Solo is interesting for everyone. Alex Honnold climbs the more than 900 meter high cliff El Capitan in the American Yosemite Park. He does this without a rope or other help. Any mistake can lead to a fatal fall. Really a must-see, even if you have nothing to do with adventure.

2. Empire of Dreams: The Story of the “Star Wars” Trilogy

Empire of Dreams: The Story of the “Star Wars” Trilogy is a 2.5-hour documentary about the first Star Warstrilogy, the best ever for many fans. Everything is covered, from special effects to the difficult start of George Lucas. Stop motion animators to the actors; just about everyone involved in the trilogy has their say. The documentary with the title can be found on the Dutch version of Disney Plus A Realm of Dreams.

3. MARS: Inside SpaceX

Then one for aspiring space travelers or fans of Elon Musk. MARS: Inside SpaceX gives you a glimpse into one of the most revolutionary companies in the world. Elon Musk and his engineers followed behind the scenes on their space mission for three years. The documentary premiered in 2018.

Great Migrations

Great Migrations is proof that good documentaries about nature exist without David Attenborough. Great Migrations is a seven-part series that takes you through the arduous journeys millions of animals make around the world to help their species survive. The narrator is Alec Baldwin.

5. One Strange Rock

One Strange Rock is a great documentary about that weird planet we live on. Filming was done in 45 countries and in space. The story of the earth is told from the perspective of space. Will Smith is the narrator and he does it surprisingly well. Watch the documentary here.

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5 great documentaries on Disney +



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