‘5 irritations that always crop up during video calling’

The hairdressers may be open again, but unfortunately a large part of our life continues to go on virtually. Online aperos on Fridays, a virtual family quiz or a team call – it is now daily fare. Yet this virtual event often causes the necessary irritation. With the OnePlus Nord N10 5G are you sure that they will not happen to you again!

  1. ‘I don’t see you that well, your image is really out of focus.’

We’ve all been there… Ugh, a locked screen where we can barely guess who’s on the other side of your cell phone. With a 64 megapixel camera and ultra-wide-angle lens, that problem is solved. And that’s not all: thanks to the 16 megapixel selfie camera, our selfies are completely on point.

  1. “You’re just stuck… hello, ha-llo ..?”

Enter: 5G! No more bad coverage with this next generation network. You are completely future-proof and you surf with it faster than ever before.

  1. “Wait, my battery is flat!”

The Warp Charge technology from OnePlus to the rescue! The large battery includes one of the fastest charging technologies available today. With only half an hour of charging you have 65 percent battery and you are ‘ready to go’!

  1. “Which button did I press again here…?”

If only we could fully adapt our mobile to our own wishes and personalize it to our liking. Or wait…? With the OxygenOS software from OnePlus, you get the option to customize a full set of personalization options. From setting a dark mode to the design of your icons or fingerprint animation. The nearly 300 software optimizations give you a lot of possibilities.

  1. “I don’t see it very well, my screen is a bit cracked.”

That says enough of course. Urgent time to invest in a new mobile phone. This OnePlus model has a 90Hz screen, which means that your screen ‘refreshes’ 90 times per second. A lot more than most mobile phones that only do that 60 times. This way your screen looks super smooth. You can now find it for € 299 on and at Fnac, Vanden Borre and Coolblue.

Are you really looking for the best-priced model of the same quality? Be sure to check out the OnePlus Nord N100. This currently has an even better price: for only € 149 it is already yours! With its large screen, strong battery and ample storage memory, it will soon become your favorite cuddly contact.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau sums it up perfectly for you:

‘As OnePlus, our mission is to share better technology with the world. That means that we strive to make advanced technology accessible to a wider audience. With this Nord series, even more users will benefit from a smooth experience without compromising on quality. ‘

All our call irritations have been suppressed this way. Shall we now test that camera and take an original snow photo?


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