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5 tips for shopping for free in your own wardrobe

1: Hand on the purse

Lisette is a star at making new combinations from an existing wardrobe (see her IG account war.d.robe). “Buying often and a lot of clothes is not necessary at all. If you take more time to see what you already have and become more creative with it, you can get a lot out of your own wardrobe. A lot of shopping is simply not necessary anymore!”

2: Mix & match

What Lisette often sees is that her customers find it difficult to mix items or do not know what to do with their wardrobe when they have just given birth. “I always start by asking for four items that have not been worn for a long time.” Just stand in front of the mirror on a Sunday morning, put on such a piece of clothing and see what you can combine it with. Challenge yourself!

3: Snap it

“What I do with every successful outfit is take a photo. You can easily make a folder with favorite combinations on your phone.” Not a full photoshoot, just some photos with your phone is enough.

4: Don’t forget the accessories

“Accessories are very handy to have around the house. From belt to hat, it makes an outfit completely different.” Check which accessories you have in your closet, and what could be super nice matches.

5: Combine a basic base with patterns

As soon as you take a closer look at your wardrobe, start trying on basic items. Clothing items that fit well and that make you feel good. After that you can make your outfit more exciting by working with patterns and striking color (if you have them at home).

Finally, Lisette gives the tip: “When shopping, always ask yourself if a garment is worth a ten? If not, let it hang. Many customers go for quantity instead of quality, while there is already so much quality in the own cupboard. “

More tips and inspiration for looking at your wardrobe from a different perspective? Follow Lisette on Instagram or watch the full clip via Videoland (Episode 61).


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