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5 tips for upholstering your furniture yourself

1. Choice of color

Before you start upholstery, it is important that you think carefully about the color. Do you want to upholster the chair or sofa in the same colors or are you going for something new? Always check if it fits with the rest of the interior, a shame if you have to do everything again because it does not match the rest!

2. Choice of materials

Choosing the material is also more important than you think. If the furniture is exposed to the sun a lot, the lightfastness of the upholstery must be great, otherwise the fabric will quickly fade. Light colors work best if you know that the furniture will catch a lot of sunlight. Also consider the function of the furniture. A leather sofa looks super nice, but is not very useful with small children, for example.

Do you want a strong fabric? Then choose a synthetic fabric. Do you find comfort more important? Then woolen fabrics might be something for you. These are often a bit more flexible and therefore more comfortable for the seat.

3. Measure

Measure the fabric and always count 3 cm more than the actual length from the bottom of the frame. Tip: if you neatly remove the old fabric from the furniture, you can use it as a template for the new fabric!

4. Stretch the fabric off the center

It is best to stretch the fabric over the filling from the center. This way you can pull all wrinkles out of the fabric and you get the fabric nice and tight around the filling!

5. Staple

If the fabric is well stretched, you can staple it. It is best to place the staples diagonally in the material so that you can take them out if you want to tighten the fabric. If there are still bumps in the fabric after stapling, you can re-tension the fabric and set the staples straight in the wood. Then permanently secure the fabric with several staples. This way there are no more irregularities and the fabric remains nice and tight.


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