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5 tips to give your interior that little bit more guts

Large wall hangings

An eye-catcher in the living room or bedroom can sometimes change the entire interior. Similarly with a large tapestry. You can buy these in all kinds of different colors and prints and when you hang them in the house, the entire interior changes with it. Make sure that the rest of the colors match the tapestry, so that it does not become a mess.

Do you still have a nice rug? That can also be very cool on the wall.

Bold color combinations

Many people choose two or three colors that they continue throughout the interior. This makes sense, because it makes your interior more of a unity. But what if you’re just going to make crazy color combinations? Then you really get a personal interior. Why wouldn’t pink and yellow, for example, be together? And what happens if you add a blue color to that? You could test all of this with a mood board.

Planes on the wall

Most people dare to paint a colored wall. But did you know that it can also be very beautiful when you paint a colored area on the wall? This makes the room just that little bit different. In addition, you could also extend a plane on the ceiling, or you would be completely crazy and paint the entire ceiling a different color. Plenty of options, but just try to play with surfaces and colors on the wall.

Great art objects

Another eye-catcher in your interior: a large art object. This can of course be a large painting, but you could also think of an image or a special lamp. Art is something very personal, not everyone likes the same as you and that is why a large art object provides more guts and personality in your interior.

Combine different styles

Many people will choose a certain style in their home that they extend throughout the interior, but matching different styles is also possible. This way you can combine vintage items with modern furniture. Try not to think too much about a style, but just buy what you like. In this way you create a house that suits you and where you feel completely at home.


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