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5 tips to lose weight without dieting on Anti-Diet Day

Today is International Anti-Diet Day. Yes, it also exists. Therefore: five tips to lose weight from this day forward… without dieting.

Anyone who started a diet full of enthusiasm in early January, but has since dropped out again, may benefit from this article. Losing weight and not dieting, that predominates today. Anti-diet day is all about a healthy lifestyle as opposed to a strict diet.

Anti-Diet Day carries a serious load

The worldwide Anti-Diet Day got off to a tragic start. It was instituted in 1992 in response to the suicide of a 15-year-old British girl because she could no longer stand being so fat. In the Netherlands, this day is supported by the Dutch Obesity Association (Foundation Over Weight Netherlands).

At the beginning of this year, 26 percent of the Dutch indicated that they had a weight loss goal, according to research by supplement platform Atida Pure among more than a thousand fellow countrymen. What is usually also clear: many people are back to square one within a year.

Temporary strict dieting does not work, is the thought on the International Anti-Diet Day. What will work then? Food biotechnologist Eszter Toth, who works at Atida Pure, provides advice. She listed seven tips.

1. Gain insight into your diet

Keep a diary for yourself about what you eat and do. By keeping track of what you eat and drink, note the time and link it to your activity and mood at that moment, you gain insight into (unhealthy) patterns. You can also find out the reason for those unhealthy patterns. For example, you may find that you often snack while working from home, put a lot of sugar in your tea / coffee or eat more during the day if you had a bad breakfast.

2. New habits from Anti-Diet Day

Now that you have insight into your diet, you can start working on the unhealthy patterns that you have recognized in your diary. Fixed patterns are difficult to break, but not impossible. Start by writing down your goals. Why do you want to live a healthier life and what is a healthy weight for you? Then paste or list your goals so that you are reminded of them every day. Now you can work on your new habits.

3. Do not bring unhealthy food into your home

Start your new shopping habits. If you don’t get unhealthy food, then you can’t eat it. Think in advance what you are going to buy and do not deviate from your shopping list. Are you easily tempted in the supermarket? Then consider ordering your groceries online. And above all, be realistic, it is difficult to completely change your entire eating pattern right away. Therefore, start by replacing unhealthy options with healthy options. Do you drink a lot of soda? Replace this with water or tea. Do you enjoy snacking on cookies or chocolate between meals? Replace your unhealthy snack with a handful of nuts or a rice cake with nut butter.

Mindful eating

Many people are not conscious about their food and food, for example in front of the TV, in the meantime scroll on Instagram, or quickly reply to an email. Recognizable? Try to be in the moment and really mindful of your food. Taste the flavors and feel the texture when you take a bite. This way you will notice better what you put in your mouth and when you are saturated. By being more aware of what you eat, you also learn to listen better to your body. Eat when your body asks for it and not out of boredom or stress.

5. More exercise on and after Anti-Diet Day

Do you also get stress when you hear the words ‘more sports’? That can also be a thing of the past. If you don’t exercise regularly and don’t feel like doing it, there are plenty of other ways to exercise more. For example, try taking a walk during lunch or in the evening after dinner. Do you always go everywhere by car? Swap your car more often for the bike, which is good for your body and also for the environment.

6. Boost your metabolism

By boosting your metabolism – or metabolism – it works faster and you lose weight faster. There are a number of tricks that can help with that. Crash diets are disastrous for your metabolism. With these types of diets, your calorie intake is very low. This is at the expense of your muscles and good nutrition. Less muscle mass means burning fewer calories. By the time you get back to your old diet, your metabolism has slowed. One of the reasons why the pounds return after a strict diet. To speed up your metabolism, you can drink one and a half to two liters of water per day. Taking a cold shower and sleeping in a cold room also helps with this.

7. Don’t be too strict

In order to maintain your new healthy lifestyle, it is especially important to remain realistic. It makes sense that you want to be able to enjoy a piece of cake or that tasty pizza from the Italian every now and then. Plan your cheat days on special days. This way you can still eat pizza during a date or a piece of cake on a birthday without feeling guilty.

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5 tips to lose weight without dieting on Anti-Diet Day


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