5 tips to save on your car insurance

Tip 1: Choose the right car insurance and coverage

Are you planning to buy a new car soon or do you want to car insurance change, it is important that you look carefully at what kind of insurance you need. It often happens that people actually pay too much for their insurance. To determine which insurance is right for you, take a critical look at the car you want to insure.

Is it an old or new car? What was the purchase value? How many kilometers has the car covered? Do you have a buffer on hand to buy a new car yourself in case of damage, or is it nice that you get something back from the insurance?

Depending on all these factors, you can make an informed decision about your car insurance. For example, only opt for All-risk insurance (WA + Full Casco) if you have a new or expensive car. If you have an older or less expensive car, all-risk insurance is often not necessarily necessary and it is better to opt for an insurance that covers a little less.

Tip 2: Think carefully before submitting a small damage

You have taken out insurance and after a while you drive damage to the car. What are you doing then? In any case, wait a while before submitting the damage immediately and first determine whether it concerns large or small damage.

‘Why?’ you may be thinking now. As soon as you claim car damage, this can affect your claim-free years. This depends on the damage and what kind of insurance you have taken out. Not all damages have consequences for your claim-free years and no-claim discount (such as window damage or theft).

Damages can have consequences for your claim-free years and therefore also on your no-claim discount. By claiming damage, you can quickly revert to claim-free years, which in many cases results in a (significant) increase in premium. In any case: never wait too long before submitting a claim. Suppose it turns out to be a smaller damage, then it can also be repaid to the insurer within 1 year. This also reverses the decline in your claim-free years.

Tip 3: Pay your car insurance in one go

Another tip that can save you a lot of money is paying the car premium in one go. This is beneficial for insurers, but also for you. With most insurance policies you can choose whether you pay your premium monthly or in one go. If you pay monthly, insurers will charge extra costs.

If you pay your premium for the entire year in one go, you do not pay these extra costs. Something that can yield quite a nice pocket money!

Tip 4: Avoid double coverage

When taking out your insurance, you can opt for extra security by means of additional coverage. You must take out these covers separately. Before you opt for additional cover, make sure that you are aware of what you are currently already insured for. Think, for example, of legal assistance insurance or accident insurance. It can just happen that you double insure yourself and that would be a shame. Save yourself these unnecessary costs and find out in advance.

Tip 5: Discount on your premium through safe driving

And finally, the fifth tip how you can save on your car insurance. If you take out the ANWB Safe Driving Car Insurance, you can get a discount on the premium thanks to a safe driving style. The discount can be as much as 30 percent, depending on how well you drive. After each quarter, your score is determined and you will be paid the discount to which you are entitled. Every little bit is a bonus!

Curious about the ANWB Safe Driving Car Insurance? Go to the website for more information or to take out the insurance right away.

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