5 tips to stay attractive to employers during the corona crisis

The corona crisis has had a major impact on the Dutch economy. We are experiencing the greatest increase in unemployment since the figures are updated in 2003. One in five Dutch people is therefore afraid of losing their job. How can you remain attractive to your current or potential future employer? What can you do for your career from home?

Now that we work from home a lot and your work situation looks completely different, “developing yourself” is probably not high on your list of priorities. While it is especially important now. 5 tips to develop yourself and to remain attractive to your (future) employer.

Have your refresher courses

Learn new skills by taking a course. Often your company has a lot to do with that, but if you do not currently have a job or your employer does not want to spend money on it, it is still wise to invest in it yourself.

On Coursera for example, you will find a huge range of courses taught by prestigious universities such as Yale and leading companies such as Google. Other examples of libraries are Udemy and Skillshare. Prefer a webinar where you learn a lot about a specific topic in about an hour? Then take a look at Hubspot and Webinara.

Learn about the latest developments

Not only learning new skills is important, but also keeping information about your industry up to date. Take a few hours every week to delve into the latest trends and developments in your field. That is something that is usually wasted.

Network online

Although network drinks and events are currently canceled, this does not mean that you can no longer expand your network during this period. Fortunately, because that is very important right now. LinkedIn in particular is the perfect platform for this. React actively to others, contact old acquaintances and post yourself. These can be LinkedIn articles in which you show your expertise. But if writing does not suit you, you can also share relevant and interesting articles.

Many groups can be found on LinkedIn and Facebook. If you invest enough time and energy in this, you can still expand your network in this way.

Show initiative

It’s easy to get stuck in the daily grind, especially now that we work from home. Still, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is more important than ever if you want to remain attractive to your employer. For example, volunteer for a project that you would normally never do. Or come up with your own innovative ideas. You probably have a lot more inspiration from the previous tips.

This not only ensures that you leave a good impression on your boss, but probably also for more happiness at work. Also picking up new projects and performing different functions is a way to keep developing yourself.

Keep in good contact with your supervisor

You cannot assume that your manager or supervisor knows what you are doing all the time. That is why it is good to maintain sufficient contact while working from home. It is best to initiate this, because that also shows a proactive attitude. Chances are your supervisor needs to get used to remote management and is only happy to receive an update by email, Slack or telephone.

Tessa Ham is editor at and writes for Metro about career and money.

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5 tips to stay attractive to employers if you are unsure about your job


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