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5 very strong films and series that were released in week 18

Also in week 18 of 2021, a lot of new films and series have appeared on Netflix. For example, since this week you can look at the ambitious, among other things Jupiter’s Legacy, modern (anti) fascism in Germany, two documentaries and more.

The most eye-catching newcomer this week is Jupiter’s Legacy. This is Netflix’s answer to Marvel. Not a fan of superheroes? Then the drama movies Sample and And Tomorrow the Entire World maybe a better choice. If you prefer fact to fiction, there are also two very different documentaries waiting for you. The Sons of Sam: A Descent into Darkness unravels the dark secret behind one of America’s best-known serial killers and in They Shall Not Grow Old the First World War is portrayed in an impressive way.

New on Netflix in week 18

1. Jupiter’s Legacy

Genre: action

If you are a fan of superheroes, it is best to subscribe to Disney +. With all her Marvel films and series you will get the best of it there. But the competition is also giving something back. For example, at Amazon Prime Video you will find The Boys and Netflix is ​​now also going to war. They do that with Jupiter’s Legacy. A series about the first generation of superheroes who are about to retire. Their children have to take over, but that is far from smooth. Curious why this series is absolutely worth your while? Then read on here.

2. The Sons of Sam: A Descent into Darkness

Genre: documentary

David Richard Berkowitz, better known as Son of Sam, is one of America’s best-known serial killers. Between 1976 and 1977, he terrorized New York and confessed to six murders after his arrest. All at the behest of the neighbor’s dog, which David says is possessed by the devil. The latter in particular kept journalist Maury Terry very busy. He was convinced there was a link between the murders and a satanic sect. In this Netflix documentary, you see how Maury becomes increasingly entangled in this dark secret. But is the world ready for that?

3. Sample

Genre: drama

Steve Harmon is a top student. He does well in school and has a passion for photography. Nothing seems to stand in the way of a bright future, but then everything collapses. Harmon is charged with murder. He is pulled from school and placed on the penalty bench. The innocent student ends up in a complex criminal case that can ruin his entire life. Sample is a strong drama film that premiered at the famous Sundance Film Festival in 2018. Due to circumstances, the film never came to the general public, but Netflix is ​​now changing that.

4. And Tomorrow the Entire World

Genre: drama

Germany’s fascist past has worn away considerably over the years, but this political system has not completely disappeared. Much to the frustration of many young people. They would prefer to put an end to this, in their eyes, great stain. In the Netflix movie And Tomorrow the Entire World (Und Morgen die Ganze Welt) we see how a law student joins such an anti-fascist movement. That starts with banners and slogans, but she soon becomes increasingly involved in more dangerous situations. She is increasingly attracted to violence, with all its consequences.

They Shall Not Grow Old

Genre: documentary

This impressive World War I documentary from Lord of the Ringsdirector Peter Jackson appeared in 2018, but is now finally on Netflix. In They Shall Not Grow Old we follow a group of ordinary British ground forces from their enlistment to the army until their return. Of course, most of the attention goes to the terrible part in between. As a viewer you are confronted with life at the front and in the trenches by means of colored archive images. The result is a groundbreaking and, above all, very impressive documentary. An absolute must-see for anyone with any interest in history.

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5 films and series that appeared on Netflix in week 18: Jupiter’s Legacy and more


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