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Watercourse forest in Marknesse

There are dozens of hydraulic models in this forest. Until the 1990s, research was conducted here into the Delta Works. But also for exotic places such as the ports of Lagos and Bangkok. Some models have been refurbished, others have been left photogenic to nature.

Radio Kootwijk

Former radio station Radio Kootwijk (De Veluwe, west of Apeldoorn) is a monumental temple-like building with a special history. The broadcasting station was built in the 1920s for radiotelegraphic contact with the then Dutch East Indies. The surrounding Kootwijkerzand is the largest active sand drift in Eest Europe.

Pyramid of Austerlitz

The Pyramid of Austerlitz can be found at the highest point of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. It was built in 1804 as a tribute to Napoleon. The Pyramid, complete with stone obelisk, is also the starting point for five hiking trails.


In nature reserve Kardinge near Groningen, a picking forest has been created, full of different types of fruits and nuts. We do have to wait until summer, of course, because now the trees and shrubs are still bare.


A mysterious ruin can be found in the park of Seldensate (on the outskirts of Middelrode). They are the foundations and remnants of the walls of the castle that once stood here.


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