55 percent off Apple Watch S7 & S7 Nike – at O2

Do you want to do more sport and do something for your health? But when the weather is cold and wet, is it difficult to overcome your own weaker self? A new Apple Watch with a contract discount of 312 euros from O2 can help to put your resolutions into practice.

This bundle consisting of Apple Watch and mobile phone contract has it all: At O2 you can currently get the new Apple Watch Series 7 with LTE for a special price of effectively 247 euros.

You save 312 euros

versus buying from Apple.

Apple Watch S7 LTE 45 mm + 20 GB mobile phone contract for 39.99 euros per month

Start running in the fresh air or bring more movement into life with a workout at home? Any form of exercise is a good idea. But the plan to do something for fitness often fails due to lack of motivation. And that’s exactly where the problem lies: Without an incentive, it’s not much fun to slip into the training shoes. An Apple Watch is a good way of getting exercise and staying on the ball.

Enjoy sports with the Apple Watch

With the tech gadget for the wrist, you can permanently strengthen your body through sport. The high-end watch logs your movements as rings that have to be filled every day. At the end you will receive an award like in a computer game. At the same time you have the notifications from the iPhone in view. So the smartphone can stay in your pocket.

At O2, you can get the Apple Watch S7 LTE with a 45 mm aluminum case in the O2 Free M contract with 20 GB for EUR 39.99 per month. Without the watch, the tariff costs 29.99 euros – makes a small additional payment of 10 euros for the Apple Watch or 240 euros for a 24-month contract period.

Apple Watch S7 LTE 45 mm + 20 GB mobile phone contract for 39.99 euros per month

In addition, there is a one-time fee of 7 euros – the bottom line is 247 euros compared to 559 euros in Apple’s online shop. That makes one

whopping savings of 312 euros

. This means that you can get away with the well-equipped Series 7 even cheaper than with the Apple Watch SE. The shipping costs are 4.99 euros. If you combine the O2 offer with the exchange bonus of 20 x 5 euros, you save another 100 euros.

Apple Watch SE LTE + 20 GB cell phone contract for 45.49 euros per month

If you opt for an Apple Watch with LTE (name suffix “GPS + Cellular”), the watch connects directly to the Internet via the mobile network. You are then independent of the smartphone, which you can leave at home during training.

Discount on the Apple Watch SE LTE and Nike Edition

The latest version of Apple’s smart watch offers a larger display with comparable housing dimensions compared to the previous model. In addition, Apple has reduced the loading time by 30 percent.

The other Apple Watch models in the O2 range also help you to improve your fitness. The Apple Watch S7 GPS 45mm Nike comes with aluminum case and Nike strap. Ventilation holes are designed to counteract excessive sweating. The Apple Watch Series 7 LTE with a stainless steel bracelet in Milanaise look looks good with formal wear.

Apple Watch Series 7 Nike + 20 GB cell phone contract for 48.99 euros per month

The discounted Apple Watch SE LTE (Special Edition) with contract is a good compromise between price and performance. It does not require an always-on display. A tap on the watch or a movement gesture is sufficient to activate the display.

Apple Watch SE LTE + 20 GB cell phone contract for 45.49 euros per month

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