5G in the folding smartphone: The Motorola Razr 5G in a practical test

The new Motorola Razr 5G (unfolded) next to the previous model.

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Two Motorola and a Lenovo employees are waiting for me on the roof terrace of Berlin’s “Hotel Zoo” on Kurfürstendamm, with various smartphones and brochures in front of them. In front of them lies the new Razr 5G, a folding smartphone with – as the name suggests – 5G connectivity. When folded, the Razr looks like a small wallet, measures around 90 by 70 millimeters in width and height and is 16 millimeters deep. It fits comfortably in your pocket. Almost more convenient than the iconic Motorola Razr from 2004, which also had two displays.

Although the idea of ​​this second display is not new – and the clamshell even made its debut before the smartphone – the Motorola Razr 5G does not look outdated by far. Even though negative aspects also emerged in the practical test.

The difficult topic of 5G

When it turns out that the Razr cannot establish a 5G connection on the roof terrace, one of the men runs onto Kurfürstendamm to look for a connection – and was no longer seen. The expansion of 5G is clearly lagging behind the development of smartphones.

Nevertheless, it makes sense to opt for a 5G smartphone now, as it offers more security for the future, says Motorola Marketing Director Chong-Won Lim in an interview. For him, “the devices that are now being brought onto the market are particularly important” so that today’s buyers don’t have to buy a new smartphone again in a year. Because 5G is making great progress, although the local expansion cannot keep up with that in other countries. In addition to a functioning 5G network, potential buyers now have to “convey two essential aspects so that they can be convinced of 5G: It won’t be expensive. And it will be safer. ”Abstract concepts such as improvements in artificial intelligence, autonomous mobility and Internet of Things (IoT) applications“ play a subordinate role ”, says Lim. He is optimistic, especially when it comes to network expansion.

“If you look at how rapidly 5G development has finally picked up speed in Germany in the last twelve months … how quickly two of the major German network operators are pushing the network expansion, that means for me that we won’t be in years talk, but a maximum of twelve to 15 months until 60 to 70 percent of the German area will have 5G, ”says Lim

The folding mechanism of the smartphone should hold out for twelve to 15 months, because the company had it tested for its durability.

Smartphones fold in front of an audience

The Motorola Razr 5G in the closed state.

The Motorola Razr 5G in the closed state.


One of the biggest hurdles for foldable displays is precisely this function. Even the Korean tech giant Samsung had to postpone the launch of its Galaxy Fold because the display broke too quickly during tests.

Motorola can’t afford to make such mistakes, according to Lim, “it’s not for nothing that it is one of the smartphone manufacturers that focus on folding cell phones.” To prove this core competence, the company has shown in folding tests in front of an audience that “the Razr is designed for up to 200,000 folding processes “. Even so-called power users, who open and fold their cell phones 100 times a day, would need five years to push the cell phone to its limits.

And so often you don’t have to open the device anyway, because the display on the outside offers a variety of functions that are demonstrated to me on the roof terrace. I can unlock the display, activate the camera and take pictures with a first click and swipe. The quality does not suffer as a result, because the smartphone’s main camera is not used here (more on that later). I can also watch YouTube videos or use navigation apps like Google Maps. If you receive short messages, you can not only read them on the outer touchscreen, but also answer them. The operation of the small screen is easy, but at the latest when entering text, the small size becomes a difficulty, because I find it difficult to find the right letter.

But the Razr shows its true size when unfolded.

Large format films and a wasted opportunity

Chong-Won Lim speaks conspicuously often about the possibilities of the new smartphone (and 5G in general) for the consumption of films and games. In addition to short latencies, the 6.2-size OLED display inside the folding phone with its 2,142 by 876 pixels ensures the necessary sharpness and color depth. The number of pixels results in an aspect ratio of 21 to 9 – according to Motorola, “ideal for enjoying films because the film industry works with the same ultra-wide dimensions”. In the YouTube practical test, the screen actually made a very good impression. The monkeys and iguanas from the nature film in HD are presented in all sharpness and splendor of color. When used this way, the folds of the display are not noticeable, which are quite visible in standby and backlight.

I noticed another shortcoming when the smartphone’s scope of delivery was presented. In addition to the folding phone, you can get a pair of wired headphones (USB-C connection), a charger and a quick charger in a case for around 1,500 euros. This case fits in a stand that can be placed on the bedside table – just like the smartphone, both folded out and folded. The crux of the matter: You can’t plug the stand into the socket to charge the phone overnight.

Thanks to the quick charger, however, the smartphone can be charged so quickly that it doesn’t have any negative impact.

Motorola Razr 5G: Technical Details

Inside the smartphone, a 2,800 mAh battery is responsible for supplying the two displays. For comparison: The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G cannot be folded, but it can also do 5G and has a battery with 4,500 mAh. Unlike the previous model, the Razr 5G has a slot for a SIM card on the lower edge, but there is no SD card slot. So you have to make do with the 256 gigabytes of internal memory.

Eight gigabytes of RAM and a Snapdragon 765G processor ensure the necessary work speed and multitasking capacity. Motorola has cleverly hidden the fingerprint sensor in the logo on the back.

The main camera on the back of the device – or the front when the Razr is closed – shoots images in 48 megapixels and magnifies eight times. The selfie camera manages at least 20 megapixels. Numerous functions ensure good pictures depending on the situation, although the soft focus in the selfie test means the reduction of the pores a little too well.

Because I was one of the 5.3 million Germans who bought the first version of the Razr in the mid-2000s – but my flip phone gave up after a walk in the rain – I am particularly interested in the answer to my last question: ” Is the new Razr waterproof? ”Answer: Yes and no. You shouldn’t dive it underwater, but it should withstand rain without any problems – not only in your pocket, but also when in use.


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