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6 embarrassing moments during the party leader debate on RTL4

The first major party leader debate on television for the 2021 parliamentary elections is over. It is difficult to pinpoint a winner or loser, it was all just a bit too rehearsed for that. There were, however, quite a few embarrassing moments. A compilation.

The RTL party leader debate took place in Amsterdam’s Felix Meritis. Leaders of the six largest parties (average of polls and the current number of seats in the House of Representatives) were invited. Read the substantive summary of the debate here.

Embarrassing moments during RTL Party Leader Debate

Mark Rutte (VVD), Sigrid Kaag (D66), Geert Wilders (PVV), Wopke Hoekstra (CDA), Jesse Klaver (GroenLinks) and Lilian Marijnissen (SP) were given the space to debate topics such as the corona approach, diversity , education, healthcare and economics. In addition, everyone received a live voter question from a concerned or angry citizen. In addition, Lilian Marijnissen and Jesse Klaver came off remarkably easy compared to the rest. For Hoekstra and Kaag it was their first major party leader debate on television. A few embarrassing moments in a row.

1. The politician whisperer

To begin with, with presenter and debate leader Jetske Schrijver, who was initially set up incorrectly and then whispered in the ears of the viewers of the party leader debate. By accident, of course. There was something wrong with the sound. Unfortunately, this was resolved after the first commercial break.

2. Zwarte Piet as Minister of Culture

That Geert Wilders is one of the best debaters in the House of Representatives will even recognize his greatest enemy. During the party leader debate on Radio 1 last week, he got a laugh on his hand with a comment about the ‘Kaagbaan’. The presumably prepared joke he pulled out of the hat last night was of a noticeably sadder level. Effective, because with “that pathetic Zwarte Piet” he hijacked the debate.

Geert Wilders reacted negatively to a statement about more diversity in the Dutch parliament. “A person of color that I do want to defend is Zwarte Piet. As far as I am concerned, Zwarte Piet can become Minister of Culture in the next cabinet, to restore Dutch culture. ” Sigrid Kaag responded and reacted fiercely. Both will have won this discussion in the eyes of their constituents, but what was this about?

3. Sigrid Kaag opposite a farmer

Sigrid Kaag herself was somewhat tongue-tied during her voter question. Concerned farmer Bert-Jan Verboom expressed his dissatisfaction with a plan for halving livestock, supported by D66. The D66 party leader did not have an adequate answer to his alternative plan for less nitrogen emissions, without halving the livestock population. She let herself be persuaded to sit down with him to direct his plans. And yes, a promise is a promise. Furthermore, Kaag remained upright during her first debate.

4. Jesse Klaver and Ronald Koeman

Back to the statement about diversity, to which Jesse Klaver tried to respond to the gut feeling of football fans with a rehearsed answer. That went wrong. “If Ronald Koeman would only draft white boys this summer, I know one thing for sure: we will definitely not be a European champion,” said the leader of GroenLinks during the party leaders debate. RTL4. That’s right, Ronald Koeman. Furthermore, viewers were bothered by the fact that he involved his sisters, brothers and other family members in everything.

5. Victim’s benefits affair is silenced by Mark Rutte

Wow, self-proclaimed ‘final boss’ Mark Rutte was right in front of Kristie Rongen, one of the victims of the benefits affair. For other victims, this was undoubtedly the most painful and satisfying moment of the party leader debate. “Mr. Rutte, if it has not yet been resolved in a year’s time, will you resign?” She silenced the Prime Minister, although of course he knew how to sail around it skillfully. “I’ll stop you here for a moment,” she interrupted him a few times. “We were trapped like rats.” Check out the full moment via the tweet below.

6. Wopke Hoekstra and the camera

Wopke Hoekstra also faltered during the voters’ question, which was put to him by two duped catering entrepreneurs. Just like Mark Rutte, he responded indirectly, and that was wrong with many viewers. But especially his camera view was a tad akward. As the only participant in the party leaders debate on RTL 4, he constantly looked into the camera, so that his tunes came across as very rehearsed.

View the full RTL 4 party leader debate and the commentary here.

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6 embarrassing moments during the party leader debate on RTL4


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