6 Israeli companies developing innovations in the corona crisis

Diagnostic robotics

Health care systems worldwide have reached their limits due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Israeli company Diagnostic Robotics wants to offer relief for these systems with its AI technology. Residents of countries that work with Diagnostic Robotic enter their symptoms on a digital platform and receive a risk assessment of a Covid 19 disease and recommendations on how to proceed.

“In Israel, 25 percent of residents already have their symptoms evaluated on the platform at least once a week,” explains Kira Radinsky, Chair and Chief of Technology at Diagnostic Robotics.

Here, users can decide whether they want to use the app anonymously or whether their healthcare providers can be contacted automatically if the risk of infection is identified and the data can be transmitted.

The platform also serves the Israeli Ministry of Health as a forecasting tool for future outbreaks. In addition to an application in Israel, isolated states in the USA and India also use the company’s technology.

Guido Mieth / Getty Images


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