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6 plants that are safe for your pets

1. The banana plant

Actually quite logical, because this is a plant that grows food. The leaves of this plant are very safe and are often used in Indonesian cuisine! It is a very popular houseplant, as it is also easy to maintain!

2. Boating

Ferns are great houseplants because they are good for your health. They improve the air quality in your home. They don’t really taste good, so your cat will probably leave it alone. Is your cat a fan? No problem, because this plant is also non-toxic.

3. The orchid

Prefer a little more color in your home? The orchid adds a lot of atmosphere to your interior, because they often come in the most beautiful colors. You can also safely put these in your living room if you have pets.

4. Bromeliad

A super popular houseplant and for good reason! Like the orchid, this is a bright plant with a colorful flower. Cozy and totally pet-proof!

5. Palms

Palms are great fun in your home, but beware! Not all palms are pet-safe. Be sure to search for the Latin name of your palm. Several palms are simply animal-friendly, such as the Areca, Washingtonia, Chamaedorea, Kentia or the Rhapis. The Cycas palm is absolutely impossible.

6. The Aloe vera

Two birds with one stone! This plant is non-toxic and keeps fleas at bay. The Aloe vera plant spreads a scent that fleas do not like. This will also keep them away from your pet!

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