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6 tips to get less plastic at home

6 tips on how to get less plastic at home

The plastic soup in the oceans continues to grow. If we can even believe the Plastic Soup Foundation, by 2050 more plastic litter than fish will be floating around in the sea. The common culprits are single-use products, in other words stuff that you (often) only use once and then throw in the bin.

Do you want to contribute in a sustainable way? Then there are a few really simple home, garden, and kitchen tips to remember.

1: Do plastic-free shopping

Bringing in less plastic starts with shopping. We take a lot of plastic home while shopping unnoticed. Just think of the plastic bag in which you weigh your fruit and vegetables. Or the plastic shopping bag, because you have to get your shopping from A to B.

Something so seemingly small has – especially if we all do it together – a major impact. From now on, rather bring your own jute, wicker bag or plastic-free shopping net.

2: Go for plastic-free packaging

Are you sometimes so shocked by the mountain of plastic that slips through your hands when you unpack your groceries? Where possible, opt for plastic-free packaging or products without packaging.

Take fruits and vegetables, for example. That plastic packaging is really unnecessary. Nothing dirty about it. Before eating it, wash it thoroughly or remove the skin. But you can also leave the plastic in other product categories and opt for variants in glass or tin.

And what you can best leave on the shelf are the disposable bottles of water. One of the leaders in the most commonly found litter. Rather fill a reusable bottle that you enjoy much more.

3: Buy value packs

This is not only a budget-friendly tip for the wallet, but also for the environment. If you put discount packages in your shopping cart, you can use them longer than if you choose the standard size. This way you get less plastic at home. The only thing is that you have to have the space for it.

4: Avoid plastic storage bags

Sandwich bags cannot be missed in the ‘polluting plastic products’ category. Often they are thrown away after one use. And even now you can easily go green by opting for a bread bin (preferably plastic-free), glass storage jars and containers.

If you are more into the bags, then choose organic cotton bags that are washable. Do you also happen to know the reusable beeswax wraps? Talking about sustainable.

5: Opt for plastic-free cleaning products

Our cleaning coach Zamarra has mentioned it before: many cleaning products are very easy to make yourself, so you don’t have to get new plastic bottles at home again and again. Are you not much into manufacturing yourself? Supermarket shelves are becoming increasingly crowded with cleaning stuff in plastic-free packaging.

6: Place a NO / NO sticker

You know them, the thick packages on the doormat full of advertisements and … plastic. At first glance, the plastic layer seems to be small in size, but you have to consider how much plastic you bring into your home if you look at it on an annual basis. Rather choose a NO / NO sticker. You can request this from the municipality.


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