68 million per working day: this is how much short-time work costs us

The office of the Federal Employment Agency in Nuremberg (archive picture).

The office of the Federal Employment Agency in Nuremberg (archive picture).

Christof Stache / AFP via Getty Images

The corona crisis consumes billions of dollars – also at the Federal Employment Agency (BA). According to information from, the agency has spent 3.4 billion euros on short-time benefits since mid-March.

Less weekend and public holidays, this means that since March 16, short-time work costs of EUR 68 million per working day have been calculated. The amount of expenditure is to be communicated to the BA Board of Directors today.

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Over 10 million people are on short-time work in the Corona crisis

At the end of April, the Federal Employment Agency announced that over 10 million people in the Federal Republic receive short-time work benefits.

Federal government internal documents available to show that, according to the BA, 751,000 advertisements for short-time work were made in March and April alone. With 587,000, significantly more ads were placed in April.

Three sectors are particularly affected by short-time work: According to the Federal Employment Agency, 2.2 million people for whom short-time work was applied for in March and April worked in retail, catering or in the manufacture of motor vehicles.



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