7 signs it’s time to quit your job

Sometimes it is obvious that you have to quit your job: for example, you can no longer go through one door with your boss, you are not treated well by your employer or you have slowly started to hate your work. At times like that, you just know it’s time for a new job.

But there are also signs that are not obvious and that you can miss completely. In this article we list seven of them for you. Including a few notches, but sometimes you only see it when you get it, to quote Johan Cruijff once again.

Time to quit your job?

We have to point it out: just clicking on this article is not a good start. In any case, it shows that you are dissatisfied with your current situation. When you recognize several of these signs, it may be time to take the plunge and start looking for a new job.

1. Your sleep pattern has changed

If you have trouble falling asleep and wake up often during the night, it is a sign that something is wrong. You are probably worried about something going on in your life and that could very well be your job. Sleep is so important to your health (not just physically, but also mentally) that too little sleep makes a bad job feel even more terrible.

2. You often get a headache and often have a cold

Sometimes you do not even realize that you have stress, but your body is trying to tell you something. Headaches and colds are good indicators that things are not going well mentally either. If your job is literally making you sick, that’s a good time to start looking for a new job.

3. You drink more than usual

It started with one glass of alcohol with a meal, then one before going to bed and before you know it, you are drinking too much. If you’ve been drinking more recently, that’s a sign that you need alcohol to relax. Is your job to blame for this?

4. You eat more (or less) than usual

The stress can also express itself in a different way. For example, some people reach for food instead of alcohol. It is also possible that the stress prevents you from feeling hungry at all. A changing diet due to work is a sign that it is time to get down to business.

5. You hate Mondays and have a hard time getting yourself out of bed

Okay, we’re not going to pretend that Mondays are all of a sudden great when you have a great job – it’s always a switch. But if you can’t relax on a Sunday night because you have to work again in the morning, and everything in you screams ‘no’ in the morning, it is wise to listen to your gut feeling.

6. You are bored

Stress does not always have to be the reason that it is time for a new job. A bore-out is just as dangerous as a burn-out. Yep, that’s a real thing. When your work feels like a tedious handling of chores and you are constantly distracted by your phone, for example, it is best to look for a job that will give you satisfaction.

7. You do exactly the same job you did five years ago

You may not be bored and even enjoy your job, but if you’re doing the exact same job you did five years ago, chances are you’ve hit a plateau. You are no longer challenged enough. And whether you realize it or not, it gnaws at you that you are no longer developing.

At the last two signs, it is good to first start the conversation at your current work. Maybe you can get new jobs, follow training courses or take on new projects. But once you’ve hit the ceiling, it’s time to start looking for a new job.

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7 signs it’s time to quit your job


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