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7 tips for taking beautiful nature photos with your mobile phone

7 simple tips to take the most beautiful nature photos

Make sure your lens is free of greasy fingerprints and then hop out into nature. Sjoerd’s tips at a glance:

1: Look for autumnal natural elements

Do you come across something photogenic while wandering through the forest? Beautiful! Sjoerd recommends photographing the object from multiple angles. “Try to experiment with different frames. And what you can do to make your photo more interesting is to focus on something in the foreground.” Imagine you want to highlight a beautiful autumn leaf, then you tap your screen on the leaf, so that your camera automatically focuses on it.

2: Determine the correct angle

It is a matter of trying many angles from which angle you can best photograph an object. “Ultimately, you will find a corner that works for you.”

Another practical tip is to look on the internet for images that appeal to you. Follow inspiring photographers and find out how they take their (nature) photos.

3: Assess the light tones in your photo

Try to take a good look at your screen when taking the photo. Are the ‘highlights’ – the light tones in your photo – not too light? If this is the case, press your screen and you will see a kind of sun appear on your screen. When you click on it and drag it up or down, you can determine the incidence of light. If you drag it down, the photo will be darker and vice versa.

* Sjoerd uses an iPhone here, but you can also find this function on other phones.

4: Standard app is sufficient

Where the App Store and Google Play are well stocked with special apps for the hobby and professional photographer, Sjoerd prefers to stick to the standard camera app on your phone. “You don’t need fancy apps!”

5: Watch online videos

Do you have a taste for it and would you like to learn more practical tips? “Just Google the brand of your phone and a world full of thousands of videos will open up for you. That way you can continuously learn new things in an accessible way.”

6: Editing photos

Once you have taken the photos, you can edit them on your phone. Click on ‘edit’ in your standard camera app and you will find all options at the bottom. From determining contrast to extra lighting, and from accents to shadows.

7: Get out there

Finally, get off that couch and dive into nature. Especially at this time of the year. “In the autumn period there is a lot to find to photograph. If you have the opportunity, do it just after sunrise or after sunset. Then you have the softest light.”


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