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7 useful apps that make your life better

Too good to go

This app helps prevent food waste by encouraging catering establishments not to throw away leftover food, but to sell it. The app allows you as a user to see which stores and / or restaurants are affiliated with the initiative and you can buy up surpluses at the end of the day for a nice price. Good for the environment and for the wallet!

Google Lens

Google Lens is an app that uses image recognition technology. Do you see a piece of furniture, clothing or other object that you want to know what it is or where someone bought it? Then this app is ideal. The app helps you to find relevant information about (almost) any object and can also directly translate, scan and convert documents into text.


Do you have a full head and are you ready for a little relaxation? Headspace offers low-threshold meditations for beginners, but the app also contains various courses that focus on a specific theme such as sleep, relaxation or self-confidence. If you have no experience with meditation, this is a great medium to get to know it, but even if you are more advanced, Headspace is a valuable addition to your app collection.


Do you always forget your passwords? LastPass is a digital safe that you can use on your phone and laptop. You create an account and can start immediately. The app offers the possibility to store, categorize and also generate passwords. When saving a password, you can note the link to the corresponding website, so that the password is already entered automatically when you visit that website. Super handy!


Splitser, also known as WieBetaaltWat, is an app that gives you easy insight into how much money you still get from someone, or how much you owe someone. Of course you have the Tikkie app for quick payment requests, but Splitser comes to the rescue when you have to pay different amounts with several people. Ideal for dividing costs into groups of friends or after a night out, when one has paid more than the other.


Are you a wine lover, but never sure which wine to buy? Then Vivino offers a solution. The app has a scan function, so that after scanning a wine label, you will receive extensive information about the wine you have in your hands. You will also see reviews from people who have previously drank the wine you have chosen. This way you will undoubtedly soon find out that the more expensive wines do not necessarily have to be the tastiest – and vice versa.


Trello is a handy app for anyone who could use a little extra order in their life. In the app you can create boards where you can use tasks. By categorizing the tasks and creating different boards, you can easily create order in the task chaos that life sometimes gives you. You can also share boards with other people, making it a useful tool for business use as well.


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