8 absurd purchases that celebs have spent an unnecessary amount of money on

Big mansions, fast cars or a private jet: these are things we all dream about. Obviously, for celebs who make millions of dollars every year, that’s beer. However, not all stars spend their money equally wisely. These are the 8 most absurd purchases celebrities have ever made!

8. Beyoncé: a gold legging

When you look at Beyoncé’s outfits, it’s hard not to be impressed. Yet there is one special piece of clothing that immediately stands out. For the BET awards, an annual awards ceremony for deserving African Americans, Queen B appeared in a custom, gold leggings from the Balenciaga brand in 2007. According to experts, the American singer would have paid a sloppy sum of 100,000 dollars (about 90,750 euros) for the design. Granted: Beyoncé looked pretty good, although she might have been just a tad with her gold leggings overdressed.

7. Lady Gaga: a ghost alarm

Lady Gaga

Which Ghostbusters is just a movie, is Lady Gaga clearly missed it. The American singer believes in paranormal activity and would therefore constantly protect herself against ghosts. To reinforce her conviction, Gaga purchased a security device that can detect electromagnetic fields. The alarm system, reportedly costing $ 47,000, would warn her when a ghost lurks. A little bit far if you ask us!

6. Kelly Rowland: a crystal children’s pool


What do you buy when your best friend already has everything? Kelly Rowland must have asked herself that question before she chose this baby gift. Before the birth of Blue Ivy, the daughter of her former Destiny’s Childcolleague Beyoncé and her partner Jay Z, Rowland bought a child-sized crystal encrusted porcelain bathtub. The bath, designed by renowned interior designer Lori Gardner, used a whopping 44,928 imported crystals. Good for a value of $ 5200 (4700 euros).

5. Beyoncé and Jay Z: a ​​diamond Barbie doll for Blue Ivy

Beyoncé Blue Ivy Carter
YouTube Beyoncé

We already knew that Blue Ivy, the oldest daughter of Beyoncé and her other half Jay Z, will not fall short. Still, her crystal bathtub is peanuts compared to this gift. For her first birthday, Blue received a very special Barbie doll. The doll was not only custom-made, but was also set with 150 diamonds. That joke cost Beyoncé about $ 85,000 (77400 euros). The diamond Barbie doll is undoubtedly the dream of many girls, even if it seems like one collector’s item still not completely safe in the hands of a toddler.

4. Tom Cruise: an ultrasound machine


We already knew that Tom Cruise has a bizarre side, but you can hardly think of the purchase he made in 2005. During the pregnancy of his then wife Katie Holmes, the Top Gun-actor his own ultrasound machine in the house. We understand quite well that a father watches over the health of his wife and child, but this purchase may have been a bit exaggerated. Too many ultrasounds are not only harmful to the health of a child, but are also superfluous. An ultrasound scan at the gynecologist is certainly good enough when you consider that Cruise paid $ 200,000 for the device.

3. Bono: an airplane ticket for his hat

Bono U2 60 Music

From sunglasses to sweaters, anyone who travels has undoubtedly forgotten something there. While that is anything but pleasant, most of us shrug for it. Bono is clearly not part of that group. When the singer forgot to bring his favorite hat, he let the headgear fly over in first class. That reportedly cost him $ 1,700. The U2-frontman clearly attaches great importance to his hat, although a new hat might not have been a bad solution. Sharing a plane with Bono’s hat: it doesn’t get any crazier!

2. Nicolas Cage: a dinosaur skull


Walk around in Jurassic Park will remain a dream for most of us forever, unless you are rich enough of course. During an auction in 2007, Nicolas Cage paid $ 276,000 ($ 303,000) for the skull of a Tyrannosaurus rex, although he first had to outbid fellow actor Leonardo DiCaprio. A decent investment for bones that (in fairness) mainly contain dust. The dinosaur skull is far from the only fancy of Cage. He owns two islands in the Bahamas, a German castle and a comic book collection with a market value of 1 million dollars. (910,000 euros)

1. Marilyn Manson: a human skeleton


When you think it couldn’t be more extreme, there is still Marilyn Manson. According to his former keyboardist Madonna Wayne Gacy, the eccentric singer wasted much of his fortune on “sick and disturbing purchases.” After a series of medieval torture devices and Nazi relics, Manson placed the icing on the cake in 2009. According to insiders, Manson paid between 175,000 and 380,000 dollars (417,000 euros) for the skeleton of a 4-year-old Chinese boy. Talk about a sample amount.


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